Levon Parikian has been described as a 'brilliant young conductor' by the Sunday Telegraph, 'the most stylish batsman I have seen at this level' by his cricket captain Ken Saberi, and 'dadadada' by his son Oliver.

These statements have all undergone rigorous forensic analysis by crime scene experts like what you see on the telly, and they have all been found to be mostly accurate, depending on your point of view.

The second statement, for example, is hotly disputed by his brother, and unkind critics have suggested that the use of the word 'young' in the first statement represents, at the very least, a discreet massaging of the truth. The veracity of the third statement is not in dispute.

Lev's hobbies include avoiding housework, trying to remember why he came upstairs, and making retaliatory hoax calls to call centres.

Surrey Brass has trusted him to wag a stick for our Carols By Candlelight concerts, and hope to be able to invite Levon back to do other things in future.

Levon has been associated with a very large number of orchestras, some of whom keep asking him back, including:

  • Kingston Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Nova Symphony Orchestra 
  • Camden Chamber Orchestra
  • The Rehearsal Orchestra
  • City Of Oxford Sinfonia
  • The Brent Symphony Orchestra
  • West Forest Sinfonia
  • The Phoenix Orchestra