7:30pm Saturday
26th October 2013

Cecil Hepworth Playhouse
Hurst Grove,
Surrey, KT12 1AU

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Ed Hodgson

Maggs Latter

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The RC Sherriff Trust - celebrating 20 years of Advancing the Arts in Elmbridge


Celebrating 20 years of the R C SHERRIFF TRUST, supporting the Arts in Elmbridge

The R C Sherriff Trust is an independent charitable trust with the aim of advancing and developing the arts in the Borough of Elmbridge in Surrey. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the R C Sherriff Trust, this concert includes music from the films of R C Sherriff, the eminent playwright, famous for his play "Journey's End", who lived in Esher and who also wrote many film scripts. This concert pays tribute to the music from those, and many other movies inspired by his work. The music from many of the movies only lives on in the films themselves, the sheet music that was used to record it has been mostly lost. In this concert, Surrey Brass will supplement reconstructed music of the Sherriff era with music from films old and new to provide an innovative and entertaining programme for everyone. Other music is set to include music from Star Wars, Superman, Jurassic Park, Once Upon A Time In The West, and many other film soundtrack classics.

Surrey Brass gratefully acknowledges financial support from the RC Sherriff Trust for this event.

The Narrator

The show will be narrated by Maggs Latter who will provide a fascinating and quirky historical background to the life and times of R C Sherriff, with anecdotes and stories to entertain you.

Maggs Latter is pleased to part of the celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of The RC Sherriff Trust. She been associated with the Trust since its conception when she worked with its first Artistic Director and is proud to be associated with the great work that it does to herald, help and encourage art in Elmbridge. A film festival during October has highlighted the work that RC Sherriff bought to the silver screen and then in glorious Technicolor. The concert this evening brings to an end this festival and Maggs is delighted that Surrey Brass are involved in the celebrations and looks forward to an evening of brilliant film music.

The Poster Competition

A Poster Competition was held in the local community, organised by the RC Sherriff Trust.

The brief was to create a new film poster for one or more of the films which featured a screenplay by RC Sherriff. The aims of the competition were to stimulate knowledge about the work of the author and his films, and also to encourage artistic and graphic design skills. Anyone could enter the competition. We present the winning entries from the finalists on the right, in random order. Prizes will be awarded at the concert!

Children’s Entries

First Prize.   Harry Hawkett. Aged 10.

 St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School.

Dam Busters.  (The Bold Red Name, with 321 at the bottom and the pencil aeroplane at the top).

 Second Prize.  Jinsung Ha. Aged 10

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School.

Dam Busters ( Natzi pilot in cockpit, largish airman’s face with goggles superseded over front facing bomber. With RAF logo LHS)

 Third Prize. Raffy Mifsud Aged 10

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School.

Dam Busters (Red name lettering across top. Black bomber flying to LHS Yellow strip on bottom with black wording)

 Highly Commended. Gianluca Maffi Aged 10

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School.

Dam Busters (Large camouflaged bomber on blue approaching Dam with small picture on RHS of dam blowing up.

Adult Entries

First Prize.   Maria Odone.

Elders Art Project

The Four Feathers


Second Prize.  Manuel Odone

Elders Art Project

The Dam Busters. (Mans figure on bottom LHS waving to brown winged, yellow middle plane flying to LHS with writing diagonally underneath)


Third Prize. Sheila Ames

Elders Art Project

Goodbye Mr Chips.

NOTE posters are displayed in random order. Some of these posters may not be displayed accurately in the intended landscape/portrait mode. Apologies!

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The Programme

First Half Second Half
"Spitfire" Prelude - William Walton "Superman" Title Theme - John Williams
Extracts from "Henry V" - William Walton Music from "Goodbye Mr.Chips" - Richard Addinsell
"Hymn to the Fallen" - John Williams

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" Title Theme - John Williams

Presentation to Poster Contest Winners "Once Upon a Time in the West"  - Ennio Morricone
Music from "Odd Man Out" - William Alwyn "Pirates of the Caribbean" Suite - Hans Zimmer


The RC Sherriff Screenplay Showcase

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yg0wzuV8KA0/TJ9iHWTXsYI/AAAAAAAAD-s/tw6VIUO8cc0/s400/odd+man+out+poster.jpg1945: Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out is a British classic from 1947 that fits the film noir definition in almost every respect. It's one of the milestones of its era, highlighted by what is arguably the best performance in the illustrious career of James Mason, here playing the leader of an underground Irish rebel organisation, who is seriously wounded when a payroll heist goes sour. Left for dead by his accomplices on the streets of Belfast he's forced to hide wherever he can find shelter and as his gunshot wound gradually drains his life away, his lover (Kathleen Ryan) struggles to locate him before it's too late.

Although the IRA and Belfast are never mentioned by name, this film was a daring and morally complex examination of Northern Ireland's "troubles" and the compelling tragedy hasn't lost any of its impact. A study of conscience in crisis and the bitter aftermath of terrorism, this was one of the first films to address IRA activities on intimately human terms. Political potency is there for those who seek it, but the film is equally invigorating as a riveting story of a tragic figure on the run from the law, forced to confront the wrath of his own beliefs in the last hours of his life. It was this brilliant, unforgettable film that established the directorial prowess of Carol Reed, whose next two films (The Fallen Idol and The Third Man) were equally extraordinary. --Jeff Shannon

Original soundtrack music was composed by William Alwyn played by The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Muir Mathieson.

Preview the entire film and the music here:

1933: Goodbye, Mr. Chips

An aged teacher and former headmaster of a boarding school recalls his career and his personal life over the decades.

The first film adaptation of James Hilton's British school saga, Goodbye Mr Chips is a genuine Hollywood classic. Despite competition from Gone with the WindThe Four Feathers and The Wizard of Oz (all 1939) the film won a Best Actor Oscar for Robert Donat and six further major nominations. Donat, who had previously starred in Hilton adaptation Knight Without Armour (1937), is superb as a beloved public-school Latin teacher in an episodic tale spanning 1870-1933. From initially incompetent young teacher, he meets his wife (well played by Greer Garson) during an extended idyll in Austria, only to endure the horror of former pupils becoming victims of the Great War.

Though studio-bound and sentimental by current standards,  Goodbye Mr Chips contains great warmth and humanity, and is eventually extremely moving. There is an excellent score by Richard Addinsell, and the evocation of the tragedy of 1914-18, together with Chips' friendship with German teacher Staefel (Paul Henreid), must have struck a truly resonant note in 1939. James Hilton had previously been responsible for Lost Horizon (1937), and oddly both that film and Chips would be remade as musicals, in 1973 and 1969 respectively. Chips would again emerge as a BBC serial (1984) and a 2002 TV movie starring Martin Clunes; but for many this original screen version will always remain the best.

Preview parts of the film and the music here:


1955: The Dam Busters

Surrey Brass will feature the famous "Dambusters March" from this film, written by Eric Coates

Original Soundtrack Music for this film was by Leighton Lucas.

Something of a cult item among British war movies (and brilliantly spoofed a few years back by a lager ad), The Dam Busters turns a minor World War II incident into a saga of heroic stiff-upper-lippery in the classic British style. A bombing raid is proposed on a strategically vital Ruhr dam, but its position is inaccessible. Enter eccentric inventor Dr Barnes Wallis (Michael Redgrave in best daffy professor mode) who comes up with a genius idea--a bomb that will bounce on water like a skimmed pebble. Naturally the top brass pooh-pooh it, but gallant Wing Commander Guy Gibson (Richard Todd) is persuaded, and between them flyer and boffin forge ahead. The touches of carefully understated emotion now verge on self-parody, but it's hard not to get caught up in the narrative sweep, especially when the bombers take off on their mission and Eric Coates' stirring march hits the soundtrack. The modelwork, state-of-the-art for its early 1950s period, still looks impressive, and the death of Gibson's beloved black Labrador (embarrassingly called Nigger) is a three-hanky moment to rival the shooting of Bambi's mum.
--Philip Kemp

Tickets and Programmes

One of the aims for this celebration of 20 years of The RC Sherriff Trust is that all events are accessible to all with ticket prices that can be easily affordable, in the spirit of RC Sherriff whose aim was art events available for all.

Surrey Brass is delighted to announce the ticket prices for this event are around half normal price for an event of this kind, set at £6 to encourage everyone to attend.

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Venue Information

Cecil Hepworth Playhouse
Hurst Grove,
KT12 1AU
Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton On Thames The venue has good facilities for the disabled, including easy wheelchair access, toilet and parking facilities. 


Parking is available onsite and on the surrounding streets.
It may be possible to park in the nearby supermarket multi storey car park.

Please park courteously and avoid blocking driveways and entrances.


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