Meet The Brass - A Workshop for new and returning players

Brass Workshop - FREE ENTRY - 11am-12 noon - Landmark Arts Centre

Ever fancied learning to play a brass instrument?

Surrey Brass is always keen to encourage new brass players and today we'll do this by running an informal and interactive workshop.

  • It's ideal for anyone interested in learning a brass instrument, whatever age you may be.
  • Parents and children are particularly welcome.
  • If you enjoyed playing a brass instrument in the past and would like to revive your playing, this session would be ideal.
  • Not played over lockdown? We can help you get back into shape.
  • Challenge Government Arts Cuts - learn to play! We can help you get started.
  • The pleasure of music lasts your entire life, it's a great investment.

Come and talk to the members of Surrey Brass. We estimate that between us, we have over 200 years of experience so can probably answer most of your questions.

We will introduce and demonstrate each instrument from the brass family, then have a Q&A session lasting about half an hour, and will end with a performance of one of the pieces from our concert scheduled for later in the afternoon.

Bring your instrument along! (Sanitise it first please). Depending on who turns up, we might even be able to work out something to play together. 

Although we'd love to be able to enable try-outs for people without instruments, on this occasion you'll understand why Surrey Brass may not be able to do this with our own instruments. However, the Landmark are in discussion with a local music retailer who may be able to devise a COVID-safe way to try instruments out. This page will be updated with any developments. 

All welcome. FREE ENTRY. Please Contact us with any questions - or just to tell us you'll be there (numbers are limited).

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A COVID-Safe Workshop

For this workshop, the seating plan plans to feature café tables and chairs to seat small groups. This creates an informal atmosphere, with social distancing in comfort.

The seating picture is clearly not at the Landmark, but is there to give you the general idea of the social distancing bubbles that will be created. It won't look exactly like this, for instance there may be fewer seats per table and the arrangement is probably going to be a bit different. We shall of course ensure that the layout fully conforms to all guidelines in force at the time.