Surrey Brass Alumni

Surrey Brass is extremely grateful for the support of all players, past, present, and future. You have all helped to make Surrey Brass what it is today.

Our Alumni have made significant contributions to the development of the group, and we are eager to acknowledge everyone's contributions and commitment. Thank you, wherever you are now. We are particularly grateful to our deputies, who often get called upon at extremely short notice to help out at rehearsals and concerts. All too often, these are our unsung heroes! On separate pages, we acknowledge the many Conductors and Soloists who have led and inspired Surrey Brass.


Not in chronological order - or any order at all for that matter.

Trumpet Horn Trombone Tuba Percussion

[Founder Member]

Ian Stott
[Founder Member]
Richard Stubbings
[Founder Member] 
 Paul Farr  Sally Basker
 Richard Knights Lisa Ridgway Jon Bird  Iain McDonald  Carol Farr
Sam Ewens   Nathan Thomas Diane Prince  Keiran Joy  Graham Dare
   Ellie Verkerk  Lyn Rajah  Dave O'Corroll  Michael Creech
   Keith Bishop  Evatt Gibson  Richard Barr  Amelia Jacobs
   Jon Meecham  Howard Beagley Nigel Shipway   Aiden Geary
  Helen Hasted Rhys Smith James Dowcett Donal O'Neill
  Abbie Pullman David Horden Duncan Penkey Karen Hutt
  Sam Jacobs Andy Collins   Martin Proctor
  Tom Burns Simon Schofield   Michael Creech
  Phil Wood Michael Burton   Carol Goodwin
  Ella Finley Chris Gill   Stephen Fawbert
  Andrew Osborne   Katriona Pett
    Dave O'Carroll    
    Jon Healy    
    David Musgrove    
    Matt Jolly    
    David Gale    

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We'd like to recognise everyone's contribution. This page contains details of some Surrey Brass player alumni - but far from all of them. 

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