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This Recording

Surrey Brass perform “Concorde” by Rob Davies, Conductor Tom Hammond. Visuals and additional material by Ashley Collins.

This studio recording features "Concorde" by Rob Davies, recorded by Surrey Brass just two days after the world premiere at Brooklands Museum on 4th May 2007.

The soundtrack was recorded in Studio 1, University of Surrey as part of the ongoing partership between Surrey Brass and the students on the world famous Tonmeister course at the university.

This innovative DVD contains a slideshow of hundreds of Concorde images compiled by Ashley Collins, a volunteer at Brooklands Museum which has Concorde "Delta Golf" as its prize exhibit. 
Images are synchronised to the music to present powerful and evocative story of the iconic aeroplane. The soundtrack ends with an audio recording of the very final communications between Heathrow Air Traffic Control and the aircraft. The End.

The piece has a number of episodes:

  • “Hangar at 3am” – Black night outside, but inside lights blaze as Concorde sleeps. A small army of engineers go about their tasks quietly and efficiently, making preparations for the flight ahead.
  • “Departure Lounge” – A buzz of anticipation. Many languages are heard. Urgency and excitement increases but serenity is maintained. 
  • “Afterburner” – Concorde takes off and switches on the afterburner with a roar. Passengers feel a kick in the back, and the aircraft speeds up and climb steeply and quickly disappears out of sight. Peace returns. 
  • “Mach 2” – Following a monstrous sonic boom, Concorde accelerates to Mach 2. Screaming through the air at high altitude, inside, all is calm and genteel. 
  • “Droop Snoot”- A jazzy sophisticated cosmopolitan feel, showing Concorde from a different angle.
  • “Arrival” – A distant rumble. Concorde is spotted in the skies over the destination. People stop to turn and stare at the beautiful sight coming ever closer. Triumphantly, the ambassador of the sky lands at its destination.

About "Concorde"

The work was commissioned by Surrey Brass and composed by Rob Davies.

Composer Rob Davies wrote “Concorde” whilst afloat playing on a cruise liner travelling around several exotic locations. Rob has written music for many genres including span classical, film, TV themes, and even video games. On a previous collaboration with Surrey Brass he wrote music to accompany silent films made in Walton on Thames by pioneering cinematographer Cecil Hepworth in 1910. With support from the RC Sherriff Trust, “Concorde” was commissioned by Surrey Brass to realise an original idea by its founder. The first performance was conducted by Tom Hammond on 4th May 2007 in the Wellington Hangar, Brooklands Museum , Weybridge. The Brooklands Motorsport and Aviation Museum is the home of Concorde G-BBDG “Delta Golf”, the first production Concorde built in Britain.

This formidable piece features 7 trumpets, 4 french horns, 4 trombones (including a contrabass trombone), 2 tubas, and 3 percussionists.

The Premiere

The premiere was held in the Wellington Hangar at Brooklands Museum, Surrey, birthplace of Concorde. The premiere also featured a live slideshow.

More information about the premiere can be found here. 

The souvenir programme for the premiere is a free download from this website.  "Concorde" World Premier Concert Programme

Sheet Music

You can also buy two versions of the Sheet Music for Concorde as a download from this website: