Surrey Brass In Concert raising funds for Age Concern in 2016 at Epsom College: Photo by D.Llewellyn Jones

Surrey Brass Members

Surrey Brass is fortunate to have a stable and loyal player roster, forming the core membership of the ensemble. Several of our players are Founder Members, having been with the ensemble since its origin in 2001. Over the years many other players have worked with us for varying periods (youngest was 11, oldest 90!) and we are proud to count them as our Deputies and Alumni. Core membership (as of September 2023) is shown below. Where links are available, click on player names to view biographical details and photos.


  • Michael Chapple [Founder Member] [Section Principal]
  • John Goodwin [Founder Member]
  • Huw Evans [Founder Member]
  • Steve Dawes
  • Lindsay Marns
  • Matthey Hart Dyke


  • Tim Costen [Founder Member] [Section Principal]


  • Michael Straker [Section Principal]
  • Alec Mills
  • Robin Upcott
  • Rachel Cocks [leaving for music college Autumn 2023 - congratulations!]
  • Hywel Walters [On sabattical during part of 2023]


  • Adrian Warren [Section Principal]
  • James Doherty


  • Neil Marshall [Section Principal]


Surrey Brass is proud to have many Alumni.

We do hope everyone enjoyed playing with us and hope all our players remain in touch, especially if you are inadvertently missed off the list. 

We never know when we might need to invite you back!


We remain grateful to our many deputies who often help out at short notice at rehearsals and concerts. Our deputies are critical to enable us to increase forces whenever we perform music for large ensemble.


If you are interested in joining us, please review the page and get in touch.
We are always keen to hear from young players wanting to gain experience of ensemble playing.