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"Oil" by Barry Forgie
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"Oil" by Barry Forgie, part of the "Energy Suite" commissioned by Surrey Brass.

3 “Oil”: Most of “Oil” is concerned with cars and vehicles of various kinds. The opening street scene reflects the pulse of the street with a horn riff made to feel rather unreal with chords with deliberately “misplaced” root notes reflecting the feeling of not really knowing what is going on together with more built in confusion from texture and time sequence. The only thread holding it all together is the tune on the piccolo trumpet – and then the scene changes. The horns represent the hubbub in the street whilst the piccolo trumpet is a lone voice that can be distinguished – but it keeps getting interrupted. Trumpet blares imitate klaxons whilst a heavy swing feel introduces a flash guy in a big sports car showing off. You might spot the theme tune from a very well-known oilman’s TV serial at this point! The music gradually builds to a massive car crash, and this is mashed up by a posse of Hells’ Angels on their motorbikes realistically portrayed by the trombones. The quietness following the crash is broken by descending fourths in the tuba and effects reminiscent of tinkling glass and machinery winding down. Distant sirens are heard before the street gradually returns to normal and the movement ends quietly as the traffic fades away.

This is a live recording made at the premiere, conducted by Barry Forgie at the Vera Fletcher Hall, Thames Ditton, Surrey on 24 November 2012.

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