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"Nuclear" by Barry Forgie
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A fragment of "Nuclear" by Barry Forgie from the "Energy Suite"

5 “Nuclear”:

This piece refers to many aspects of nuclear energy both benign and malevolent, reflecting the movement and interaction of atoms. A special effect is created to mimic human cries using mouthpieces without the instrument as a contrast to normal playing. A persistent bass riff drives the piece on and on with a jolly tune representing the benefits of nuclear power – but then it all goes horribly wrong with the expected build up turning into a massive explosion.

The aftermath portrays a bleak post-apocalyptic vision with human cries being interspersed with echoes of the previous movements – are traditional ways the best? Gradually mankind recovers from this disaster and the piece builds once more to a triumphant and optimistic ending to the Energy Suite.

Created 2018-03-05
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