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"Concorde" by Rob Davies
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Concorde – Rob Davies

The piece reflects a day in the life of Concorde in a number of linked episodes.

  • “Hangar at 3am”- Black night outside, but inside lights blaze as Concorde sleeps. A small army of engineers go about their tasks quietly and efficiently, making preparations for the flight ahead.
  • “Departure Lounge” – A buzz of anticipation. Many languages are heard. Urgency and excitement increases but serenity is maintained.
  •  “Afterburner” – Concorde takes off and switches on the afterburner with a roar. Passengers feel a kick in the back, and the aircraft speeds up and climb steeply and quickly  disappears out of sight. Peace returns.
  • “Mach 2” – Following a monstrous sonic boom, Concorde accelerates to Mach 2. Screaming through the air at high altitude, inside, all is calm and genteel.
  • “Droop Snoot”- A jazzy sophisticated cosmopolitan feel, showing Concorde from a different angle.
  • “Arrival” – A distant rumble. Concorde is spotted in the skies over the destination. People stop to turn and stare at the beautiful sight coming ever closer. Triumphantly, the ambassador of the sky lands at its destination.
Created 2018-03-05
Changed 2018-03-05
Version Studio Recording
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Created by Surrey Brass
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