What's living inside your Trumpet?

(Hint) It's probably not very nice

Surrey Brass can't rehearse or perform at the moment, so our minds are actively seeking new ideas.

In these unprecedented times, we are all keen to avoid illness and since we all have a bit more time than usual, today is a great day to take action.

As every brass player knows, when you play every day (of course you do!), after a while every brass instrument gets a bit gunky. You can't avoid it.


Does your Trumpet look like this inside?

That gunk makes bad things happen:

  • Persistent low level coughs, colds and worse
  • Smells and in extreme cases nasty stinks
  • Sticky valves and stuck slides
  • Playing out of tune
  • Stuffy and dull tone quality
  • Internal corrosion
  • Expensive repairs

The thing is, it is very easy to fix when you know how. 

Follow the Surrey Brass Guide to instrument cleaning today

Surrey Brass MD Robin Smith is also Head of Brass at several schools, sadly all too often Robin sees instruments that are so nasty they really should be put in isolation.

He was inspired to produce his own hand-crafted guide to instrument cleaning, based on his years of experience.

Robin's guide is easy and fun and can be used by any player. Even if you have never cleaned an instrument before. Brilliant!

Click picture to view full size. (TOP TIP) If you print it out you won't drop your phone in the bath when you try to follow it. 

Don't Forget to clean your Mouthpiece

Let's be blunt, the mouthpiece is the bit that touches you, and just millimetres away there is a nice little compost heap.

You wouldn't kiss that!

So why do so many players put their lips on something that looks like this every day?

Clean your mouthpiece weekly. Stay Safe, Be Well, Play Well.